Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wedding Dress Plan

So here is my wedding dress. The long version on the right. Empire waist and I love the sleeves and it has this nice little pleat for my growing baby belly. I chose a claret stretch velvet. I figured the "stretch" will fit nicely with the belly as this has back darts and boob darts.

And wow have my boobs grown, I just measured for sizing purposes...5 boobs have grown 5 inches since August. But I'm down a net total of 2 lbs from where I began. All that puking I suppose. Today was a great one too...the morning sickness combo along with a gushing bloody nose at the same time. Such a lovely sight to see in the toilet as you're dry heaving.

Anyway, I am never for going with the flow, and I blame Queen Victoria for her hideous choice of white for a wedding dress. Did you know prior to her, women just wore their best dress? Geez...and white is so not attractive on everyone. other cultures they wear red, I thought why not me too?

I'm about halfway done with it right now. I love how the sleeves are coming out. So far I have not had the desire to throw it across the room...yet. I'm just worried about the zipper. Zippers and stretchy knits...I'm a wee bit scared.

Oh and I figured out the coolest wedding favor. It's my altered art version of those Hershey Bars. I love it, I'll put up pics as soon as I get a couple samples made up.