Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heroes and Jason Mraz

Back from the dance competition. Em had fun, no solos this time, so she was relaxed. Next week is the big state competition.

I have to catch up on some work tonight, and then tomorrow I'm planning on doing some crafting and writing up a new tutorial. I can't wait!

I just love Jason Mraz's music. I can't really put into words, it's very mellow, silly, and cute, I guess. Em loves Geek in the Pink, and we've been listening to him since The Remedy off of My Rocket to Come, but I just got his new EP off iTunes a couple weeks ago, it's all live and has 4 songs. It's called We Sing. Apparently he's releasing this album in parts. The final one will be in May called We Sing We Dance We Steal Things.

This is -- I think -- my favorite song off of it. Wouldn't you love this song to be about you?

This is my 2nd fave called I'm Yours. It's the actual video for the song.

And I'm adding this video because I wanna watch it again later. I love Heroes and it's my favorite song too!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And this is super attack dog

Meet Roxy. She's my "little" shadow, follows me everywhere I go. She's the extra large version of a large black lab (as in way, way, way, way over 100 pounds of love in this puppy). She's 7 yrs old this year. She is the biggest baby when it comes to thunderstorms. She has a serious addiction to Spaghetti O's -- like will climb the walls to steal an open can out off the stove or out of the trash addiction. And she thinks she's my super attack dog. A few weeks ago, the kids and I were in the backyard playing, and a lady down the street who has a black lab (who can impressively walk down the street without a leash unlike my run away dog ) came by our house and walked over to the fence to ask me about Roxy and how old she was, etc. Well my sweet old doggie decided she wasn't going to allow that woman anywhere near me. She started growling and barking and foaming at the mouth at this lady. But she loved the lady's black lab. I'm not sure why, but she only does this me, not with my husband, not with my kids. Crazy dog, but I love her.

So I'm slowly putting up costumes on eBay from my daughter's massive collection of dance/skate costumes. So...I have some scheduled to go live late tonight. Here is the direct link - though nothing will show up til late tonight because they are scheduled to start around 10 PM CST tonight - Click Here

I'm super busy and will probably be a slacker in the coming weeks with my blog. My goal is to graduate from my at home school program by the end of May and I think I can do it if I do nothing but work, sleep and school work. Plus, Em has 2 dance competitions and recital in the next 4 weeks. So...I have a lot on my plate.

But...I'm only 2 posts away from the big #200, and I'm getting some goodies ready to giveaway for the celebration. Stay tuned next week for the big give! Yippee!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Odds and Ends

This is a quickie little post mainly for me so I can find these tutorials again.

Very Cool Flower Pin Tutorial - I gotta come back to that later.

Binding the top of a purse Tutorial

I've got 3 projects going on at once right now. One is a new bag pattern for my pattern collection and 2 will be tutorials. Sit tight and they'll be up soon.

I finally found my camera cord so I can upload pics to this computer, so I will be putting more pics up soon. But finally Fry's called and my other computer is ready. It has been missing since January, and it has all the cool bells and whistles and the memory stick slot on it. I figured they lost it and I was going to join that woman suing Best Buy for $3 million for losing her computer, but alas, they returned it to me. Yippee!! It had all my drawings for my patterns and my artwork. I was starting to worrying I was going to have to redo them all.

And to update on my YMCA debacle with the wrong swimming class as I know everyone has been waiting on the edge of their seat. I went there after I dropped the kids off yesterday and amazingly the same clerk was working and recognized me and told me she had just called my house to let me know everything was fixed and he is now in the right class. So Yay for the YMCA!! Everybody now...."it's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A" times at the skating rink in 1988 dancing to that song.

I just finished another book. It's called The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perrotta. It's about a small town sex ed teacher who is forced to teach abstinence. Mainly it is about the bullying by a church in the community who wants to force their christian ways on everyone, and one member of the church's struggle with this and how it involves this sex ed teacher. I looked long and hard for a used copy of this book, but could never find one so I ended up paying $25 bucks for it because I wanted to read it badly. It was strangely compelling to read, but after I read it, I was disappointed and I was like "huh". The book is called The Abstinence Teacher yet she is only in about half the book. It was a good book with suspense, but in the end I was disappointed because it just didn't climax very well. It could also be because I live in the Bible Belt and hate when christians frequently force their religion on everyone and was rooting for the abstience teacher to tell them to screw off but in the end she just didn't care anymore.