Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well....sigh....I don't know what to say

Sorry I've been ignoring. The transition to moving to my parents' has not been easy. I feel like my mother is the warden, lol. (God I hope she's quit reading my blog...lol)

Today is my first day ALONE! Mr. E started school today, and the headmistress just called. He cried a little, but now he's already written his name and is having a ball, and the firetrucks are visiting today so I think today was a great day to start school.

I'm still running my rear off, twice a day. It's my "me" time. I need more of that time, but my mother disagrees. She loves to tell me how neglectful I am of my children. Isn't that great? Yeah....so anyway, Ms. Em had her 3rd day of school today. Her first time in public school, and she loves it. I love it cuz there's no damn uniforms. I don't care what they say, uniforms are a big PITA. They do not save you money, they make you spend more cuz your kids have to have regular clothes AND uniforms, so I'm thrilled. Her teacher is lovely too.

I'm hoping by this weekend, the divorce papers will officially be filed, and we will be totally and completely divorced by the end of the year as they give you a 60 day period to back out (uh yeah right, LMAO, that ain't happening)....cross your fingers for me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My butt is in love!!

You will never guess...my lovely pink hair? Gone...I'm so annoyed. But I had to get a "normal" color. I quit my job on wednesday. Walked off the job because they didn't care my pay calculation was off and my paycheck was almost cut in half....so now I need a new job. So I got flaming red (to hide the pink) with blonde highlights. It makes my eyes even bluer than the pink. Em says I look "sassy," whatever that means, lol. But I do love it, I just love my pink more...oh well. I'll try to snap a picture when I go back to the house and get my camera.

So....finally moved out of the house and am at my parents with the kids. I needed some retail therapy, it's been an upsetting few days. The running has really toned me up and my stuff was just getting too big and falling down, so Em and I went shopping yesterday. And oh my god, did I find THE best jeans in the world. Levi's of all things, those suckers never fit me. But oh my freaking god, these things hugged my ass like nothing else, and my thighs...oh my gosh. I did not want to take them off in the dressing room. So I loved them so much, I had to buy 2 pairs, lol.

Then I found the perfect purse, and it's pink too. I've been purse shopping for months, and nothing has been what I wanted, but I found the perfect purse and at 50% off at Macy's. Bought a few other things too, Em is starting school next week and needed clothes too.

Monday, October 06, 2008

So people....how ya been?

Yeah, I've been ignoring my sweet little readers. I've been indulging myself. You see, dammit, it was my birthday and nobody gave a flying fart about it, so I decided what the heck, I'm going shopping for fun stuff. So today, I bought sexy over the top push up bras. Perfect with just a touch of boob spillage, LOL. It was fun...I haven't done that in forever...ok, well now that everyone knows about my sucky life...I haven't had a reason to buy or wear those in forever...let's just say I'M not the reason nothing's been going on all these years.

Then I went and spent a booty load of money on an iPod dock alarm clock. I've been wanting one forever, and well my alarm clock recently decided to be rather haphazard and aloof about alerting me to the morning...as in "eh? who cares, she doesn't need to get up and get to her appointment, I'll just let her sleep"....kind of annoyance.

And then shall gross you out beyond belief about the fun-filled abscess on my labrador? It was a freaking HUGE puncture looking wound. Grossed me out to no end. I think to myself, my god has she been shot? Has she been bitten by a dog (though that one was curious since she hates going outside....yeah a dog who hates to be outside...kinda like a man who doesn't like sex...go figure?). So I drag her to the vet, and they have to put her under sedation to clean it. Very gross, and now a few hundred dollars later, and a few days, it's almost nonexistent.

So that in a nutshell was my fun filled past few days. So in the words of the beloved Bart Simpson....smell ya later!