Thursday, September 09, 2010

Raise your hand if you like group work...

No hands?  Yeah that's what I thought.  I love this idea of college professors who think we all need group work to learn to work in the real world.  What makes matters worse is this is an online course, so I can't exactly beat people over the head with chastisement in a group setting to get them to work.  I can only email them.

So one of my courses has basically been a self fulfilling prophecy.  I knew online group work would be a nightmare, and so far, it is.  I have had to take over the group in order to get anything done, and even still, it's me and one other chick who are contributing.  Out of 7 people, 2 of us give a shit about our grades...woohoo!  And even still, the other girl...let's just say after reading her posts, I'm curious what her high school education contained.  There were so many wrong words used I was horrified. All I can say is that she will not be writing our final assignment.   Spell check does not fix everything, people; one must also be able to use correct grammar.

On another note...I've been sewing and crafting up a storm.  I will have a new tutorial in a few days and lots of pictures of crafty stuff.  I even made a new diaper bag...but I hate it.  Though I am using it for now until I revamp the pattern.  

I just have so much school work, and the majority of it is one stupid course.  My senior level seminar is not as intensive as this stupid junior level sociology course.  WTH? Well...back to wielding my whip to get these damn people in my group to finish their assignments so we can make the deadline (6 pm tonight!!!)