Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So I'm thinking of having a online Garage Sale

I have TONS of fabric and I mean TONS. It's almost embarassing -- almost, lol. You would not believe how much of our storage unit is taken up with fabric. So...I'm thinking of having a little garage sale here on my blog with fabric and sewing stuff and stuff I've sewn -- which would be clothing from my kids, some samples for boutique eBay auctions, some big 3 sewing patterns, etc. Also, if you are interested in little girl dance costumes, I have a rack full of Miss Em's previous years of costumes that I'm going to add to my little garage sale.

I am backlogged on my school work which is due in 1 week...mainly due to my school only computer's motherboard dying (fyi, an extended warranty on a computer is a good thing or never buy a refurbished HP computer), so I'm going to finish that stuff this weekend, then I'm going to pull out fabric, etc. for the garage sale. I'll post a big announcement of the time and day it will start. It will be a Paypal only garage sale.

I need to do this because I've moved my crafting area to take up my vanity area and all my fabric/crafting needs to fit into one closet and not scattered throughout the house, lol.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tribal Council has spoken...we're gonna homeschool!!

I've been throwing the idea of homeschooling around since Miss Em was a toddler, but someone always talks me out of it, but next year's tuition prices came out for their school, and it gave me the final push to decide to homeschool.

I think Miss Em will be happier, as there are definite girl issues in her class. Since it is a small school, there are only a handful of girls in her class, and frequently a couple of them are telling her she can't play with the group. It breaks me heart to hear her tell me it's ok because she can still go swing on the swings by herself. And forget about telling the teacher, that woman is a twit.

What the hell is wrong with girls? I was treated this same way and I had hoped she could have avoided it. When I was in elementary school, the litte girls who wore the Guess jeans (and matching Guess overalls) and carried little Liz Claiborne purses to elementary school loved to put signs on my back that said something about hitting me. It's like there is a breed of little fashionistas who apparently are lacking the empathy gene to be nice and there is a nice fresh batch in every generation. I just don't get it. You know, it was because of those type of girls that I made damn sure my children had empathy for others from an early age and to always put themselves in someone else's shoes. Sheesh I could on and on about jerky little girls.

I digress...ok so back to homeschooling. I'm going to homeschool both of them. Em will be doing 4th/5th grade work and Mr E, will be doing prek-K work. I'm still looking at if I'm going to do a whole complete curriculum or piece together. I'm leaning toward piecing together, I found a place that does it for you. They ask questions about what you want and how ahead your child is and then pull a bunch of stuff together for you to pick and choose and it's only about $400 including all that time with them helping you.

I've also found 3 different local homeschool groups I'm looking at -- which it is veddy, veddy hard to find completely nonreligious homeschool groups in TX. And we're going to do co-op classes with whichever group we decide is the best fit, and then we'll also do a homeschool PE class and swimming lessons and homeschool art lessons -- Em wants more art time than she has now in school, and I'm hoping I can find a class in Spanish since Em's had spanish lessons since she was 3 as well as one for Mr E.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pink I come!! my profile it says I dream of having hot pink hair. I guess I'm what you would call a natural "pinkhead" lol. I finally am going to do it. My children go to an uppity private school and I keep worrying to much about what people think, and you know what?? Who freakin' cares? You only live once and why not do what makes you happy? So, I have an appointment with my hairstylist for hot pink highlights. I told her I'm going to start out slow to not scare everyone around me, lol. First, it will be highlights and gradually I'll move to a complete head of cotton candy pink hair. I'm so excited!!

My husband is obsessed with Kohl's and their big clearance sales. I swear if we lived closer to one, he'd be there everday. But right now they are having an 80% off clearance sale with racks of clothes. I found a dress in this same style for $5.40. It was originally $60.00. Can you believe it?? It is reveresed though, the print is the main part of the dress and the black solid is at the hem and the waist and neckline. It's a nice slinky poly fabric that feels really cool. And Miss Em found a pair of gaucho pants that were originally part of set of something, and since it was just the pants, they were only $1.25. So check out your nearest Kohl's for some amazing clearance prices.

Thursday, January 17, 2008, this thing on?

Sheesh, how does time fly so fast. I still haven't had time to put my pictures yet and come blog.

Well, Mr. E officially turned 4 yesterday. He's making quite the party rounds, lol. We seem to be having a Pirates of the Caribbean theme going. On Tuesday at school, I brought cupcakes in a Jack Sparrow theme for snack time. Then yesterday for the official birthday, he chose Ryan's of all places to eat -- he wanted steak and mashed potatoes.

We gave him a Batman sword that makes noises on his birthday, he's been dying to get it forever. So today I went today to find him a nice birthday gift and walmart had a Pirates of the Caribbean tv for only $64. He already has a Pirates CD player that is made out of Davy John's chest that had his heart in it. He's going to be thrilled. On a side note about sewing, I'm going to make him a quilt and shams for his bed out of Timeless Treasures Pirate's Cove fabrics. My MIL has a lady that will machine quilt for only $35!!

Then we're off to Oklahoma for Meme's house this weekend to celebrate Mr E and my husband's birthday and to install a new oven for Meme (from craig's list for $85, roflmao!). Mr E was my wonderful birthday to gift to my husband 4 years ago, lol. They are 6 days apart.

And then the partying concludes next weekend with his first official "kid" party. He's been begging me for a kid party with his friends from school since he went to his friend's party in September. Have you priced kid parties lately? Man, they are expensive. So...Chuck E Cheese was actually the cheapest.

And guess what wonderful surprise I found today!! I won a Pajamagram from The Mom Blogs!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

No really, I didn't forget you

Sorry, sorry, sorry!! Sometimes life gets in the way of my blogging. I've been meaning to come post forever, but I have some wonderful pictures to share of some fun-filled things that have happened in the past few weeks, and I've moved my "office" to another room and the computer I upload pictures to has some problems right now, a drive is dying or has died, I'm not really sure yet, lol.

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with a better post.

I know it's late, but you can get a jump on next year's Xmas with my soon to be finished Waldorf Doll tree topper. I'll have it ready soon. And I'm working on a pattern for a centaur waldorf doll, but it's just not right yet. I've always thought those were neat and wanted to design one.

And Miss Em saved her money and bought herself and American Girl doll, so lately I'm obsessed with sewing outfits for it. Currently, I'm working on a matching outfit to Em's basketball uniform, using matching swimwear fabric. And surprisingly, there are not a lot of tutorials out there for AG doll clothes, so I think I'm going to have to make a few.