Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Working on a shopping cart cover tutorial

Sinus infection = yuck.  I have a horrible sinus infection, probably from taking Mollyball to the dang pediatrician for a well baby visit a few days ago.  I'm hoping I can skip a doctor visit and I get well fast as I have too much to do.  A paper due next week, a test next week, garage sale and Halloween this weekend...and....hubby just informed me it's his turn to bring breakfast for a meeting this Friday morning, and I have to make something else for a potluck for Friday lunch.  Yeesh!!

On another note, Molly ball is up to almost 16 lbs. I like to think it's all that yummy mommy milk, lol.   She is so heavy now, I avoid carrying the car seat anymore, just her. 

I'm almost finished with my shopping cart cover tutorial.  You know those big fluffy things babies sit in grocery carts or high chairs?  I just got my safety stuff in the mail today - from StrapWorks!!  They were very fast in shipping as I ordered on Sunday night and got it today.  And their prices are very reasonable, as well as shipping. 

I did not want the regular ol' plastic buckles that were just two pieces.  I wanted a three-sided one that would fit between their legs and around their waist, so I found the one pictured above at Strapworks. 

And I had to get this adorable ribbon on webbing.  I thought it was too cute.  But they have sizes and all kinds of colors of different webbing as well. 

Anyway, for my tutorial, if you want to get ready for it, get yourself one of those clips and a yard or so of webbing, plus a yard of plush foldover elastic as pictured.  I found the same elastic as I have at Kids In the Garden, but I have never purchased from them so I don't know how fast they are at shipping.  I'm sure you can find it other places such as Sewzannes (great WAHM!) and SewShoppe.

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Rick@strapworks said...

Great idea. Keep us updated on your progress!