Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Toddler Sweater Coat Part 2

We're doing something weird with dinner. We defrosted some pork chops and hubby is soaking them for 2 hours in a brine to make them more tender and yummy.  Because of that, I had some time to finish up the sweater coat sew and show. 

Here is a close up of the sleeve.  I love the thumb holes.  Molly put her thumbs through them and immediately started sucking her thumb, which is odd because she is not a thumb sucker at all.  They were very easy to make, you just pull one of the pieces out of the serger's way to make a hole.  Funny, since every once in awhile, how many of us do that inadvertently when serging? 

Now here is a close up of the button placket.  I admit I was in LOVE with this turquoise sweater.  It was 100% cashmere and heavenly.  I tried to use it as much as possible.  I also loved the placket.  You can't see, but under button #2 it has a gathering that is just adorable.  I attached the placket when I attached the hood together at the same time. I attached them under the binding that goes around the entire edge of the coat.  Oh! Here you can see the waistband and the ties.  This way it's a little big now and we can tie it tighter, but as she grows into it, we can loosen the ties. 

Here is the back.  I made a shortened pixie hood.  I was afraid it would drag the floor if I made it too long.  It's really cute, especially when she has it pulled up over her head.  The front I made very wide and attaches fairly low onto the front of the coat.  I like how it's open, so if she's wearing a hat, it won't be too tight. 

This is the side view, so you can see the length of the hood.  To give you an idea of the size, I'm saying 18-24 months.  She wears 12-24 months size.  She's a tiny 16 month old.  She is always in the 5% for height and weight.  

And here is the little stinker.  I bribed her with rocking in the recliner by herself if I could snap a few pictures.  This was, unfortunately, the best one that gives an idea of the fit.  For the bodice, I used a nice black Banana Republic sweater in 100% italian wool with puffy sleeves in a size adult medium.  I felted it, and it shrunk down to probably around a size 6x.  Then, I put it on her and pinned it a more fitted size for her, and probably took about 4 inches off the width of the bodice and 2 inches off the sleeves.  I was able to keep the puffy sleeves, but you can't really tell in the pictures.  In real life, it's adorable with the puffy sleeves.


Lee Cate said...

Will you be selling these too? So cute!

Stephanie said...

Hi Lee! I plan to. I'm going to work on a few to put up in an Etsy store in the very near future.