Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sock Baby Dolls

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My darling 13 year old cleaned out her room awhile back and got rid of an entire grocery sack of socks stuffed full. Some of them she hadn't even worn.  Children of the 21st century.  I feel the need to explain to her that just 100 years ago people were darning their only pair of socks.  Not only their ONLY pair of socks, they were also more than likely hand knitted by their mother and/or sisters.  

I digress.  I've been reading way TOO many dystopian teen novels lately.  

I wasn't going to wear them and neither was anyone else in the house.  I decided it was best to upcycle them into something crafty.  

Luckily for you guys, I happened to remember my phone nearby and took pictures of the process so you too can make these little sock babies.  Here is the tutorial in pictures, pretty self explanatory.  Have fun!

  photo A112768B-C011-474A-91AC-47B319CBB2C8-3735-000002B6AAF7D0CD.jpg

 photo 34D7B9B0-A562-4765-A14F-0FAB8DAE2DEE-3735-000002B6AE427B53.jpg

 photo B89DD530-56A8-4D2C-A716-EFE94467C393-3735-000002B6B17E4DA8.jpg

 photo 299C3F82-01A1-47C2-89BA-D1D9694E3395-3735-000002B6B4B7E23F.jpg

 photo 099B170F-6CEE-42B6-9A4A-74153D96975B-3735-000002B6C361F2B1.jpg

 photo A907865D-1658-4E24-8115-F3E97462FE95-3735-000002B6D4F1C6A2.jpg

 photo 0A03E597-0A4B-451B-A96F-C6D5FCB69390-3735-000002B6D07F45BD.jpg

 photo C0C9365F-B7B3-45A4-B9E3-9D14578B3834-3735-000002B6CAD67668.jpg

 photo A8BA888E-1D30-4A71-9AFE-9A5B53991D16-3735-000002B6D7ED6C21.jpg

 photo 78FBBA88-4AC9-49D0-AF97-A9B014FD6526-3735-000002B6DAB5BA73.jpg

 photo 0B0D8E4C-2383-455E-851A-6657BB1C4FFF-3735-000002B6E305C093.jpg

 photo 3A237A9C-0B46-447C-A7B1-02D447E73199-3735-000002B6F1AF0A68.jpg

 photo A14A1A67-B69C-44FB-B9EA-70A974D54D17-3735-000002B6E6158B5A.jpg

 photo 315D8A2D-1086-4BF3-9B86-B78CAC388C29-3735-000002B6DEA428A3.jpg

  photo 81667130-3E2E-423E-87B4-7983B3CCBC76-3735-000002B6EEF2D33D.jpg

 photo C1E0D7FD-BB4D-43AB-A353-4C54F1F98914-3735-000002B6F7E5473F.jpg

 photo BBA55FC8-A97A-4753-A6DA-E5F850F21007-3735-000002F1A6327F07.jpg

  photo D9599365-7F82-40FC-AA6B-22E0A668D226-3735-000002F1F08A2913.jpg

  photo F8A9C3F8-23D2-4E42-84B2-5A3F250F9603-3735-000002F243F4301A.jpg

 photo 0D00235B-3D4B-49BA-9853-6DB0D1D6A853-3735-000002B6FCF31EDA.jpg

This last step I was worried would be hard to understand in just pictures, so here is a little explanation.  After you make the little round arms and legs.  Cut off as much excess of the end of the arm/leg.  Next, place the arm/leg where you are to sew it with raw side facing the body.  Then, squish it into the body (as my finger is doing in the picture) so that you can whip stitch it against the body while hiding the raw edge.  Make sense? I hope so.  I'm not sure how else to explain. 

05535E4A-A77C-4B6C-9198-8B33E416D703-144-00000003CC00A334 photo 05535E4A-A77C-4B6C-9198-8B33E416D703-144-00000003CC00A334-1_zpsa39dcc46.jpg

Done in one episode of Fringe!

I got this idea in my head to make these little dolls. I even added arms and legs.  What does everyone in this house say? They look like snowmen.  No, no, no.  They have arms not made of sticks.  They have legs.  These are not snowmen.  My dear husband says it's the hat.  Did Frosty switch to a ski style hat instead of a black top hat in his last Xmas special?  Whatever.  Enjoy!!

AF963085-D83E-4CFF-BE3D-D13DB505E239-3735-000002B5A5627A4F photo AF963085-D83E-4CFF-BE3D-D13DB505E239-3735-000002B5A5627A4F-1_zpsfcf429d8.jpg

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