Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heroes and Jason Mraz

Back from the dance competition. Em had fun, no solos this time, so she was relaxed. Next week is the big state competition.

I have to catch up on some work tonight, and then tomorrow I'm planning on doing some crafting and writing up a new tutorial. I can't wait!

I just love Jason Mraz's music. I can't really put into words, it's very mellow, silly, and cute, I guess. Em loves Geek in the Pink, and we've been listening to him since The Remedy off of My Rocket to Come, but I just got his new EP off iTunes a couple weeks ago, it's all live and has 4 songs. It's called We Sing. Apparently he's releasing this album in parts. The final one will be in May called We Sing We Dance We Steal Things.

This is -- I think -- my favorite song off of it. Wouldn't you love this song to be about you?

This is my 2nd fave called I'm Yours. It's the actual video for the song.

And I'm adding this video because I wanna watch it again later. I love Heroes and it's my favorite song too!

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