Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And this is super attack dog

Meet Roxy. She's my "little" shadow, follows me everywhere I go. She's the extra large version of a large black lab (as in way, way, way, way over 100 pounds of love in this puppy). She's 7 yrs old this year. She is the biggest baby when it comes to thunderstorms. She has a serious addiction to Spaghetti O's -- like will climb the walls to steal an open can out off the stove or out of the trash addiction. And she thinks she's my super attack dog. A few weeks ago, the kids and I were in the backyard playing, and a lady down the street who has a black lab (who can impressively walk down the street without a leash unlike my run away dog ) came by our house and walked over to the fence to ask me about Roxy and how old she was, etc. Well my sweet old doggie decided she wasn't going to allow that woman anywhere near me. She started growling and barking and foaming at the mouth at this lady. But she loved the lady's black lab. I'm not sure why, but she only does this me, not with my husband, not with my kids. Crazy dog, but I love her.

So I'm slowly putting up costumes on eBay from my daughter's massive collection of dance/skate costumes. So...I have some scheduled to go live late tonight. Here is the direct link - though nothing will show up til late tonight because they are scheduled to start around 10 PM CST tonight - Click Here

I'm super busy and will probably be a slacker in the coming weeks with my blog. My goal is to graduate from my at home school program by the end of May and I think I can do it if I do nothing but work, sleep and school work. Plus, Em has 2 dance competitions and recital in the next 4 weeks. So...I have a lot on my plate.

But...I'm only 2 posts away from the big #200, and I'm getting some goodies ready to giveaway for the celebration. Stay tuned next week for the big give! Yippee!!

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