Monday, October 06, 2008

So ya been?

Yeah, I've been ignoring my sweet little readers. I've been indulging myself. You see, dammit, it was my birthday and nobody gave a flying fart about it, so I decided what the heck, I'm going shopping for fun stuff. So today, I bought sexy over the top push up bras. Perfect with just a touch of boob spillage, LOL. It was fun...I haven't done that in forever...ok, well now that everyone knows about my sucky life...I haven't had a reason to buy or wear those in forever...let's just say I'M not the reason nothing's been going on all these years.

Then I went and spent a booty load of money on an iPod dock alarm clock. I've been wanting one forever, and well my alarm clock recently decided to be rather haphazard and aloof about alerting me to the in "eh? who cares, she doesn't need to get up and get to her appointment, I'll just let her sleep"....kind of annoyance.

And then shall gross you out beyond belief about the fun-filled abscess on my labrador? It was a freaking HUGE puncture looking wound. Grossed me out to no end. I think to myself, my god has she been shot? Has she been bitten by a dog (though that one was curious since she hates going outside....yeah a dog who hates to be outside...kinda like a man who doesn't like sex...go figure?). So I drag her to the vet, and they have to put her under sedation to clean it. Very gross, and now a few hundred dollars later, and a few days, it's almost nonexistent.

So that in a nutshell was my fun filled past few days. So in the words of the beloved Bart Simpson....smell ya later!

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