Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well....sigh....I don't know what to say

Sorry I've been ignoring. The transition to moving to my parents' has not been easy. I feel like my mother is the warden, lol. (God I hope she's quit reading my blog...lol)

Today is my first day ALONE! Mr. E started school today, and the headmistress just called. He cried a little, but now he's already written his name and is having a ball, and the firetrucks are visiting today so I think today was a great day to start school.

I'm still running my rear off, twice a day. It's my "me" time. I need more of that time, but my mother disagrees. She loves to tell me how neglectful I am of my children. Isn't that great? Yeah....so anyway, Ms. Em had her 3rd day of school today. Her first time in public school, and she loves it. I love it cuz there's no damn uniforms. I don't care what they say, uniforms are a big PITA. They do not save you money, they make you spend more cuz your kids have to have regular clothes AND uniforms, so I'm thrilled. Her teacher is lovely too.

I'm hoping by this weekend, the divorce papers will officially be filed, and we will be totally and completely divorced by the end of the year as they give you a 60 day period to back out (uh yeah right, LMAO, that ain't happening)....cross your fingers for me.

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Minxy Mimi said...

Good Luck with your new life and man!
Just go slow.