Thursday, November 13, 2008

I swear...I'm making a concerted effort...

So can you believe me, Sewing Chick, actually sewed something....I know completely amazing, since I seem to loathe sewing the last few months...but if you've been following along, you'd know why.

I made Em's costume for Halloween....completely patternless. Yeah, I'm cool like that, lol. Well, it's more like patterns are the most annoying thing EVER. I hate them, lol, so I make my own as I sew something...weird I know, but that's me. So anyway, she was a some point I will get a picture of it, right now you'll just have to imagine...peasant style dress....long sleeves ripped to shreds with elastic at the elbows....and skirt also ripped to shreds. I have to tell you the ripping to shreds part was pretty darn fun. Great way to get out some pent up frustration, ripping fabric, lol. I'll put a tutorial up of how to make that next year you too can be a devil or a witch or even a ghost or zombie thing. it's pretty versatile.

So i'm still...dateless, yeah the other guy, didn't work out. God I need somebody to take me out on a Saturday, lol. It's kinda lonely. I deliver the kids to Mr X Saturday mornings and have the entire day to myself....I try to stay out and about to avoid my mother at home. It has put a dent in my wallet, lol. But I seriously needed some new body requires more form fitting things these days.

So i found this cool thing on yahoo messenger, called you can chat me to just chat me or if you have questions on something like my tutorials. How cool is that? I thought so. So it will be in the side bar.

Oh and blogging is not complete without a lovely youtube video, now is it? This is my favorite song right now. I listen to it about all the time.

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