Sunday, December 07, 2008

a good day...

So good things today...discovered cheeky panties...sort of like a thong but make your ass look unbelievable!! And amazing as it is, I like thongs and cheeky undies now...weird for me since I used to hate them...but I feel good when I wear them....and it's a nice surprise for someone getting in your pants to comment on that last statement, lol. I'm addicted to cheeky panties, they don't go up your rear and they are so damn sexy, especially lace ones.

Finally had a good first date, nice dinner, was fun.

And other good things...discovered I love those new "tuxedo ruffle" style t-shirts...Love those...and i got the cutest bra and pantie set today in pink! ( color, lol), it was my favorite plunging push-up bra style. If you haven't tried plunging push up are seriously missing out on making your boobs look awesome. I'm so addicted, I wear them exclusively now.

that's it for now, going to sleep it all off...

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