Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

We just returned from a long weekend at Great Wolf Lodge.  It was a gift from grandma to celebrate Miss Em's birthday.  We had never been there before, and it was lots of fun.  It's very "disney like" - very clean, friendly, and just about anything available you wanted.  The customer service was just perfect.  The food buffet was expensive, but really really good. 

The kids and hubby are Harry Potter freaks (technically hubby is the biggest Harry Potter freak I know, but he has indoctrinated the children well, lol), and there is a questing game called Magiquest.  It involves a wand and running through 8 floors of the hotel casting spells and finding runes and pixies and fighting a dragon, so you can imagine how exciting that was.  They loved it, and Mr E slept with his wand every night, lol.  

The waterpark was lots of fun too.  The baby and I spent most of our time nursing and sitting at the edge of the wave pool.  The kids spent most of their time swimming in the wave pool and riding slides.  Hubby...well, he spent most of his time filling these buckets of water on top of the lazy river and dumping it on people. I cannot figure out how he could stand there for 2 hours just dumping water, but it was quite thrilling for him, lol. 

My only complaint was the would think 8 elevators would get people moving, but we waited sometimes 15 minutes for the darn elevator and with a stroller, the stairs was never an option.  All in all I definitely want to go back, and if you get the chance, it's a really nice little vacation that has everything all in one place. 

I got a good picture of the kids and hubby coming out of one of the slides, so hopefully I can find my camera cord and post it in a day or so.  Off to bed, tomorrow is the first day in a new school for both kids, and poor Miss Em is just terrified because she doesn't know a single person...cross your fingers 6th grade is wonderful for her and she makes lots of new friends. 

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