Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Five more classes!

I'm doing the college thing really really really s~l~o~w.  For the past year and half I've been taking about 1 or 2 classes at a time and took off all spring and summer 2010 for the pregnancy.  Well..I just ran my degree audit and I only have 5 classes left.  At the earliest I'll graduate at the end of the year, at the latest it will be spring 2012.  I figured it would take me longer, but it seems to almost be here.

I'm getting a general studies degree from TWU with my concentrations in sociology and business with hopefully a minor in biology.  It's totally weird, but I was on my way to a biology degree and med school years ago before I started having babies, so now I have TONS of hours in biology.  I'm hoping they will let me put that bio minor on my degree.  The advisor was a moron last time I spoke to her and she had absolutely no idea if I could or not.  I just don't understand why they let professors be advisers as I have never had one who knew anything more than I did when it comes to a degree plan.

Ok now onto some sewing talk.  I'm planning out my projects for the etsy and craft fair endeavor with my mom.  I'm working on whimsical mug rugs sets currently and baby stuff.  

Now that creepy doll hat - do you want a tutorial? If nobody wants one, I won't bother, but...if anyone is interested, send me a comment a I'll write it up.

Off to bed for some reading.  I'm planning a little trip to Joanns tomorrow.  I haven't been there in forever, but I need thread.

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