Friday, December 31, 2010

It's always fun to get fabric in the mail

I have this obsession with Munki Munki fabric from Heather Ross.  I've been hoarding it in my stash for years.  But I ordered some scraps off Etsy for some munki prints that you can't find in whole yardage.  They arrived yesterday and I've been petting them.  My plan is mug rugs for myself and then mug rugs and applique baby clothes for Quilty Bits.

And just for fun, here is my sweet Molly B who learned to clap today.  It's just gonna be her, mommy, and daddy tonight for the New Year. We're gonna have a huge party with chocolate chip cookies and Arbor Mist Raspberry Sparkle .  Is it me or does "Raspberry Sparkle" sound like something a drunk stage mom covered in Tammy Faye-esque makeup would say as she pushed her kid out onto the stage?

My other babies are staying with their dad until tomorrow.  Em is getting herself a Felicity doll at the American Girl Store today with her dad.  She claims it's the ONLY American girl that looks just like her, and they are putting Felicity in the dungeon or something after this season and you will never be able to buy her AGAIN!  :) 
Happy New Year!!

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