Friday, March 18, 2011

Adam & Eve

I just finished this book, Adam & Eve, a few days ago by Sena Jeter Naslund.  It was very good and a bit magical.  It begins with Lucy Bergman, the wife of a very famous astrophysicist who has discovered evidence of extraterrestrial life on other planets.  She travels with him to speeches around the world, and he has yet to tell the world of his findings.  Before his next speech when he will tell the world, he gives her the flash drive with all the information to wear around her neck, and she is supposed to give it to him right before his speech that day.  Well....he's killed by a falling piano of all things!  Before he dies, he tells her if something happens to him, she must decide when the time is right to reveal to the world about his findings.

She is invited to speak at another seminar in Egypt to celebrate her husband's life and while there she becomes grief stricken once more.  She flees and decides to go to Nag Hammadi where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and soon she begins a new journey.  She is approached by a strange man at the seminar, who later finds her at Nag Hammadi, to smuggle a secret codex he has found to France where he will meet her.  The codex predates the book of Genesis and has the potential to even disprove it.

In the background of all of this happening is a secret organization called Perpetuity whose members are hellbent on keeping religion intact in this world and will do whatever they can to stop such things as the evidence of extraterrestrials and this codex.  So...while Lucy is flying the codex out of Egypt something happens to her plane and she crashes and ends up in an "Eden" of sorts with a stranger named Adam. 

Next up is The Bright Forever.  I'm hoping to finish it in the next couple days and have a review next week.  I can't put that book down. If you enjoyed The Lovely Bones - it's right up your alley.

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