Sunday, March 06, 2011

LIfe has been kicking my rear

I had this epiphany that I needed to get back here.  Since Christmas we have gone through the entire family with bronchitis, a bout of flu and a fun-filled adventure with RSV with the baby.  I will gladly take on a baby with bronchitis over RSV any day -- that was scary.  And finally, when I thought everyone was well, I had a previous root canal from 10 years ago decide to abscess last week. 

I have never really had dental pain in my life, and after living on hydrocodone for a week waiting to get into the endodontist, I decided that childbirth and 3 days of labor is less pain than one stupid tooth.  It took my dear endodontist 3 hours to clean out the previous root canal, and then the he and his assistant were thrilled when the abscess started draining through the root system out of the tooth. It was quite weird to see them excitedly taking pictures. 

The funny thing was I had a major midterm that same week I was living on hydrocodone -- the only test for my ethics and advertising class.  I was terrified of taking it because I had paranoia of being aware I was not fully functioning while taking the pain meds. Somehow when everyone was sleep I decided to take the test the night before my endodontist appointment at 3 AM in case my pain was even worse.  Magically, the baby slept and slept and I had the writing skills and totally rocked my essay.  It doesn't happen often, but I love that groove you get into when something literally writes itself.  Not only did I get a 100 on the test, my professor emailed me and asked to use my essay (my essay!!) for the key to the test as the example.  I was beyond thrilled!  My husband and I joked I should get high on hydrocodone before every test, lol. 

I have another test this week in another course, so I will probably disappear for awhile.  But I am going to try to create an Etsy store for some ephemera stuff.  I have this strange addiction to it and went to a "junk" store yesterday and picked up some wonderful finds to add to mixed media art -- handwritten postcards from years ago, magazines from the 50s, and even this crazy old medical book. 

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