Saturday, July 09, 2011

New Tutorial Coming Tomorrow!

As amazing as it sounds, I'm going to post a new tutorial tomorrow.  I have had this in my head for a few weeks now and I gotta do it.  I'm sort of in between classes right now.  "Sort of" being the operative word since I'm taking another state mandated course that lasts the entire summer for intro to math even though I've already completed 2 semesters of calculus.  Apparently, taking advanced math does not mean I am capable of doing my own taxes or figuring percentages or determining if a car costs more to buy or lease.  And don't even get me started on the group project.  I think everyone is fully aware how much I love group projects.  

Anyway, I just finished my Bus Law & Ethics class on Thursday with an "A" and my speech class doesn't start til Monday.  Dang, that A was well earned too, that professor made us write long essays defending our positions and it was hard! 

As an aside....if you are like me and would rather the ground swallow you whole or die than ever speak in front of people, but yet your stupid school requires a "speech" class, take interpersonal communication, and do it online no less!!  Yes, I am taking a supposed speech course about one-on-one relationships.  Do you know what the syllabus says?  I watch movies and write journal entries -- for speech class!!  No speaking to web cameras, no going to class to make presentations -- it's just about relationships.  Woohoo!!  Thank the FSM for my beloved husband who told me about this class, which he hated, lol.  My husband the extrovert.  Do you ever wonder if extroverts wish they were introverts, like us introverts wish we were like them? 

Okay so....we were talking about a tutorial...yes shiny things always distract me.  Well, it will be for a toddler, since I conveniently have one of those right now.  It will be super cute!

I'm going to go pull out my machines and do the tut right after I finish so more busy work homework for intro to math.  Maybe I'll have a cooperative toddler who will let me get it done earlier than tomorrow.  Cross your fingers!! 

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