Thursday, June 14, 2012

So busy...

I've been so busy.  I feel such guilt for not posting anything the past few days.  But don't fret just yet (giggle)!  I have two tutorials I have all done up with pictures, I just have to write them up.

The reason I've been so busy is the Creative Collective, where I have my microboutique, is having it's grand opening this weekend!! I've been sewing my rear off to finish up a bunch of stuff from dresses to wipes to upcycled stuff.  It's all going up there tomorrow, and I'm not quite done wit a few of the things.

Tomorrow, we are going on a little "minivacation."  My older two are on the local swim team, and during the summer we have a swim meet every weekend in June.  This weekend, it's about 3 hours away.  And, when you have to be there at 6 AM for warm ups for a meet that starts at 7 AM,  a night in a hotel is worth it.  So, on our way out of town for the night, we are stopping to stock my little store. 

I'm going to take a ton of pics of my restocking, and will attempt to blog from the iPad in the hotel room tomorrow night to share some sew and shows and maybe write up a tutorial.

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