Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Apron Top Sew Along

This doesn't have pictures for this part, as it's pretty easy to understand.

Easy rectangular apron top:

1. Measure your bust (dd's bust).

2. Decide how much of your back you want to show. For a child, I stick with 2-4 inches. For adult, an average show is about 5-6 inches, a modest show is 2-3 inches, and to show a lot would be about 9 inches.

3. So take the bust measurement and subtract how much of a show you want. Ex. Dd's chest measurement: 21 inches 4 inch show So 17 inches is how wide I'm going to make her apron top. I always add an inch back to the measurement for cutting out the fabrics to account for seam allowances with the lining.

4. Decide how long you want your apron top. For little girls, I usually do between 14-15 inches long - but to explain that number, I measure about 2 inches above where I took the chest measurement and then measure down to slightly above the middle of the thigh - on my dd that is about 15 inches. For adults, if you want it fairy long, make it about 25-26 inches long (this looks really nice with a matching skirt), and average apron top is about 20-21 inches, and a short one is between 13-16 inches long. I always add an inch back to the measurement to account for seam allowances with the lining.

5. Once you have your measurements, then cut out your apron top. For Emma's I will be making it 18 x 16 inches. This is basically math, you decide how you want it to be designed and do it. And I use 1/4 inch seam allowances when I piece it together so make sure you account for that for each piece you cut out, otherwise, you'll be off on your measurements.

6. Straps - you'll need to cut out 2 straps and 6 loops. The straps are usually about 1 yd long and I cut them 2.5 inches wide and use a 1/2 inch seam allowance. For the loops, I cut 6 pieces 4 inches long x 2.5 inches wide and 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Part 2

1. Once you have your front of your apron top piece then pin the lining (or the reversible side) to the front of the apron top with right sides together.

2. Sew each your small pieces for the loops together to form a tube and turn them right side out. Fold them over so the ends are are together and form a "loop". Next you will pin them so that the ends are sticking outside and the loop is on the inside with your right sides together. Make sure enough of the loop is sticking out on the inside so that when you flip it will be big enough to lace the strap into it. I like to do 3 loops on each side. I pin one at the very top, then another about 2-3 inches lower and another 2-3 inches lower than that one(I do 2 inches in the little girl's). Do this for both sides of the apron top. Then sew them together, and I do some backstitching on each loop to make sure it's secure (or you can serge it).

3. Straps - now do the same thing with your straps sew each one into a tube and turn them right side out, and I like to iron them because they get all wrinkly when you flip them right side out. Then I take the ends that are going to be tied and fold them inwards and sew a straight stitch closed. Now I measure about 12 inches (12 in for adults, less for kids, I usually do about 8-9 on my dd) from the middle of the apron top and pin so that the open ends (that aren't sewn shut) are sticking out of the top of the apron top and the long part of the strap is on the inside (with the right sides together of the top). I will serge this or if I do a straight stitch I will backstitch over the straps to make sure they are secure.

4. Turn your entire apron top right side out and then I fold the bottom inward and hem it.

5. Then lace up the back like a tennis shoe lace, lol and tie.

Argh, well I can't get pictures to post. I will try later.

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