Sunday, February 19, 2006

Camp shirts - yikes! and coverstitch machines

I'm attempting to psych myself up to master camp shirts. I can't believe I'm scared of these things and I want to make one, lol. I'm going to attempt it tonight. Dh just left out of town for 2 weeks, he's on his way to England for business. The kidlets and I took a nap at 9 pm and woke up around 11 pm, we are going to be up all night, I think, ugh, but we've all got this upper respiratory thing.

Dh is bringing home my Brother coverstitch machine! Weird, I know, but there was a UK dealer selling Brother coverstitch machines for roughly $350 US dollars during Xmas and these suckers sell for $700-$1000 here in the US. Not only that, but they delivered it to dh's office in the UK for FREE. Woohoo! So dh is bringing home a couple of converters and my coverstitch machine. I'm so excited!!

Okay back to campshirts or is it camp shirts? I dunno. I've got one of my Ottobre magazines, I think it's 2/05 and I'm going to go make a rough draft copy for ds right now. Wish me luck. I'll post pictures later. I think I'm mostly worried about the collar coming out right. Ugh...

On another note, we're on pins and needles over here. Dh is the lead candidate for a new job in GA. My entire life is in TX, so the thought of moving to a new state away from everything we know and love is just frightening. But the salary is just too good to pass up, we will get so far ahead and have no debt. My mother, on the other hand, is thrilled, somebody she can go visit, lol, and we'll be fairly close to Disney, lol, we are disney freaks, lol. They are supposed to call ME next week to let him know, since dh is out of the country and his cell phone is company provided. I'm so nervous for him. I can't shut up about it, and I've been driving him crazy, lol.

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