Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Solo Dance Costume

She's doing a jazz dance to Crazy Frog - have you heard it? It's a ringtone combined with Axel F. It's her first solo dance and she's so excited. So anyway, I'm not sure if I'm done. I had a matching tutu in the pink, but let's just say, I will not be finishing it, lol. I'm considering whipping up a pull on skirt in the pink, but I'm not sure if it needs it. It's hard to see, but there is sequin trim around the arm and the top and under the bodice. That stuff is a PITA to sew on, lol. Emma's in a size 8, and this is a size 4 mannequin, so it's pulled in the back so you can see how the fit sort of is. I designed the unitard myself after we tried a costume on at the dance studio that she really wanted and it was way to big, it had a neckline like this and she liked it.

At 2 am I just finished it, pulled it on the mannequin and was repositioning it when my wondeful ds grabbed a pair of scissors off the table and somehow managed to snip the sequin trim on the arm before I could take them away from him. I just about cried, and had to take undo the double needle stithcing and then take it off and sew another freaking piece of sequin trim on it.

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