Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Howdy peoples!

So...I know long time since I updated. But I've busted by rear and I'm almost done with school. Yippee!! I've been really busy finishing that and it has been dance competition season so we've been out of town going to dance competitions for weekends and now this weekend is the dance recital.

Oh and I redid my pink hair with even more hightlights. I love, love, love it! My hairstylist got a permanent pink dye and it looks great, it's been a week now and no fading. yay! I think I'm brave enough to post a pic tonight.

I'm working on my big 200th post goodies. I have them, just need to make them cute and presentable and photographed for a contest or 2 to win them. So look for the contests next week as this week with rehearsals and recital is too busy.

And to add some sewing fun...here is an adorable little tutorial for sock monkeys. Really cute and you can make them out of just about any kind of sock, not just a red heeled one.

As soon as this stupid school stuff is ovah, I'm going to be a mad sewing woman. I'm changing our lives. I've been listening to Dave Ramsey way too much and we are getting out of debt. I'm not a christian so I kinda throw that stuff out the window, but the rest of it sounds pretty good.

Oh yeah....our debt had an additional $5000 added to it and it is the reason why life is mostly upside down lately. About 3 weeks ago, sewage water...yes SEWAGE started seeping into the carpet along one wall of our family room and along the same wall in Miss Em's room. So the plumber comes and the main drain pipe under the house has collapsed and is seeping through the foundation. So they have to create a totally new drain and the choice is to go around the house instead of through it jackhammering up the foundation. Our yard still has a giant tunnel from one side to the other and they are still not finished because of all the rain we've had lately. And part of this new drain involves our washing machine, so we've had no washing machine for weeks now. So twice a week I get to drive across town to the scary laundromat...the fun part is homeless drug addicts come in and want to fold your clothes for money. It's like those window washing guys that just come up to your car and start doing it, yep, I have these crazy homeless people that pick up clothes and start folding. Not to mention that worker lady that locked my 4 yr old son IN the store when my husband was loading laundry baskets in the car. LOCKED HIM IN!! My husband had to bang on the door to get her to unlock it.

Oh the other fun thing lately is my diarrhea dog. My sweet little black labrador ate a 2 lb uncooked roast I was defrosting on the counter and then 1/2 of a gourmet dark chocolate bar. I freaked, we called the vet and made her throw up with hydrogen peroxide and then she had diarrhea all over the house for days. She's been on a diarrhea diet -- she loves it with baked potatoes and eggs and yogurt, lol - for a few days and is finally better. The highlight of my days has been running outside in the rain to check her poop consistency - fun.

Needless to say between the sewage and diarrhea dog, we are getting new carpet in 2 weeks. It's been ordered and we're just waiting for delivery and installation. My wonderful dear sweet mother is paying for it after we spent everything on the plumber. Someone needs to canonize her. And she got me the top of the line stuff! How cool is that? I can't wait to get it. But I'm covering it with rugs to prevent diarrhea dog and my children from destroying it.

Well gotta finish working, i'll be back later to post a pic of my pink hair.

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