Friday, September 19, 2008

Adios amigos

I'm leaving in a couple of days for Disneyland, and I have procrastinated so much this time. No laundry is done, my house is a mess, and do I care? Not one damn I've had other things...on my mind.

I have a bigger problem, apparently, my children are vampires. They stay up all night long and it's gonna be a major pain in my rear when I have to drag them around Disneyland before noon. I cannot get these people to bed. They just won't stay there. In fact, they are literally bouncing off the walls as I type. Is this why they used to break out the whiskey in baby bottles? Of course, they also want to sleep with mommy. How is it I can have a king size bed, and still I have about 2 inches of space to lay down? I have the fun of wedging myself between 2 children and a sprawled 100+ pound labrador. Oh joy!

I'm hoping our trip will fix their circadium rhythms. I am craving a few hours alone at night to myself. I can't tell you the last time I could watch grown up TV, it's been collecting on my DVR for weeks. And dammit, I do not want to watch another episode of Grossology. Have you seen this? They have a character that collects his boogers into a giant ball, and another one that has a giant zit for a head, and then there is the episode where EVERYONE is throwing up all over the place. My kids love this show, I want to dry heave every time I see it. Somebody come put my kids to bed for me, I need to go watch some crap on televison.

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