Monday, September 08, 2008


So in 2 weeks I am leaving for Disneyland. I have this obsession with it. I love Disneyland. Disneyworld? Eh, not so much. Call me lazy, I like being able to walk directly from Disneyland to California Adventure and back again instead of waiting on a stupid bus. And I'll take SoCal weather any day over Florida humidity.

So I'm taking my mother-in-law, I just finished printing out her park tickets. She is such a great lady. She's my partner in crime. She lives in Oklahoma where there are TONS of Indian casinos, and there is one in her town. So she and I will sneak out of the house around midnight and go up to the casino, when the kids are asleep. We take $20 and usually come home with about $100, and we laugh our asses off. She lives in a very small town, so at least half the people in the casino know her when we get there, lol. I have come to the conclusion that the other half live at the casion and have never met a shower. One night on the way home from the casino, I told her how I wanted my pink hair, and my MIL (who is in her 60s) confessed she really wants to smoke a marijuana cigarette. I think both of us laughed til we cried about that. the heck did this go from Disneyland to marijuana?

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