Monday, December 20, 2010

I hate exes...venting

I consider this blog like a diary of this is one of my annoying venting blogposts...feel free to move along and avoid it.  And...I'll be adding a creepy tutorial in the next day or so. 

Hubby's ex got some mail here on Friday...and no she has never lived here, we moved here 6 months ago.  It was a collection notice for her freaking macy's visa card.  Hubby and I have a little freak out when he comes home from work and he calls her to see why this is being sent to us.  Well...then...the proverbial sh*t hits the fan.  She doesn't know why it came here but then throws the "oh by the way...I'm filing bankruptcy" line at him.  What in the holy hell is this?!?  Her name is still on hubby's car loan, we were paying it off next month with the tax return and figured who needs to refinance to get her off it when it's going to be gone so fast?  Apparently we thought wrong.  And to make matters worse, hubby's divorce attorney way back when thought it was best if we gave her til April 2011 to get his name off the mortgage.  Is it April 2011 yet?  Um...that would be a hubby is still on the freakin' mortgage.  Let's just say as I'm listening to hubby's end of the convo as he says "you're what? you're filing bankruptcy?" my stomach fell onto the floor and expletives start running out of my mouth.  She thought it was (and I quote from her fit of rage) "none of [his] f*cking business."  First of all, how is this NOT his business? His name is on the damn loans, you moron.  She "claims" she had no idea how to get ahold of him, yet was quite capable of emailing him just a couple months ago and has spoken to his mother just a couple weeks ago in public. 

I was quite proud of hubby.  He was so calm and even cordial the entire time while I could hear her screaming and yelling at him. 

So tomorrow hubby is meeting with a lawyer at his office to see how badly this can damage his financial career.  And I won't even terrorize you with the crap my ex is doing.  I swear that man cannot NOT lie to me -- ever.  It truly amazes me.  I have to wonder if he is really cunning or an inept idiot.  I'm thinking the latter.  I swear the two of them really should meet, it's like a match made in hell or something.  A liar and a cheater who both spend money like water.


Lee Cate said...

Wait a sec... you and I weren't married to the same man??? Don't ya just LOVE the holidays????

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the ex. They are never fun and they will be the source of most of you wrinkles in life!