Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quilty Bits

I mentioned yesterday that my mom and I are going to do craft fairs and whatnot together. We decided to create a blog and an Etsy store too....known as Quilty Bits.We just set it all up this morning and haven't personalized anything yet.  The Quilty Bits name will point you directly to the Etsy store sometime today, I think. 

I got the idea at 4 am this morning for Quilty Bits and was very surprised the names had not been taken yet.  We had come up with another name but wanted it to be something more than just quilting.  My mom informed me that she is the "quilting" and I'm the "bits."  Whatever mama, lol. And it will be a family affair with my husband in on it too making some amazing earrings I can't wait to show off.

I told my husband I'm going to make him wear a t-shirt to all the craft fairs that says "Check Out My Quilty Bits." :D

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