Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fairies and Mermaids, oh my!

I haven't been blogging regularly because I've been getting my house in order since the craft fair. I sewed a lot for 2 weeks before the fair, and my house just went downhill since all I did was sew, feed people, and do laundry.  I don't think my dear husband or my sweet children realized how much I do around here until I stopped doing it.

Today's post is in two parts.  Part 1 - my recent creative endeavors.  Part 2 - drama at the craft fair. 

Part 1 - Here are some new waldorf dolls I've recently made.  They are currently on Etsy, if you are interested in purchasing them.  Click on the individual pictures and it will take you to their listing.  I just love how they came out!  They are all about 10 inches in length, all stuffed with wonderful wool I purchase from an Amish farm, and all have wool hair.  

This first one is Nyxy, the night fairy.  She has a dark navy body made of super soft cotton velour.  Her hair is a pale green wool roving. Her petal skirt is an embroidered pieced batik, and her wings are blue sparkly print. 

The second one is Ivy, the forest fairy.  I love her lavender hair.  It's a soft wool roving as well. Her body is a bright green cotton velour.   She has purple wings to go with her purple hair.  She also has a petal skirt made from an aqua batik with lavender moons and stars.  I think that is my favorite batik fabric I've ever owned.

Lastly, I have two mermaids.  I'll have pictures of the other one soon.  But for now, this is Tallulah, which means leaping waters.  I love the meaning of that name!  My husband says this one most looks like me of all the dolls I've recently made.  She has a green velour tail with hot pink top and blonde hair.

I am also slowly adding things on Etsy.  In addition to these dolls, I have some of my super soft knotty style dolls, and I'm happy to take custom orders, just send me a conversation over there. I just recently had a custom order for knotty dolls that were other colors than I had offered. 

I'm also open to trades for my dolls for things for my children for Xmas/Yule.  My youngest dd is 2 and loves pretend play and babies.  My oldest dd is 13 (going on 30), and loves mustache stuff.  My middle ds is 8 and loves pretend play when it comes to swords and things like that.  Send me a convo at Etsy, and we can work something out.

Part 2 - The craft fair was fun, and we made about triple what we paid for the booth, so that was nice. I really want to do another one before Christmas, so we are looking for a good one that isn't too expensive for booths.  If you know of a good one in the DFW area, please post in the comments!

My dear sweet wonderful adoring husband never left my side, so I wasn't nearly as nervous as I thought I would be, except for one incident. Fairly close to the opening, we are standing there smiling, answering questions, when he gives me this look and is vigorously pointing with his head (as best as one can point with their head, lol).  All I see is this man standing there, and I'm thinking WTH is he trying to tell me.  I was partially blocked by this wire bookshelf on our table.  Then as I move around it, I see it....his ex-wife and her mother are oohing and awing over MY things.  They have yet to look up and see whose table this belongs to.  So my dear husband, as hilarious as he is, smiles the biggest smile he ever had and says rather excitedly, "Good Morning!"  At this point, I am in a fit of giggles.  His ex looks up and I swear she actually ran, physically ran, about 3 booths away, funniest thing ever.  Her mother then completely oblivious to what has just occurred, then proceeds to have a conversation with me about what I make.  My husband thinks his former mother-in-law didn't realize he was even there.

After that, the ex kept circling around the entire craft fair, trying to pretend we didn't exist, except I kept seeing her peek over at us.  The weird thing is I'm starting to wondering if she's facebook stalking me or something.  Three days after she's practically at our house for trick or treating (she's not a parent, nor does she live anywhere near our town), she ends up at the craft fair?  Both of which I blog about, which also shows up on my facebook page? This is not a tiny small town either, and there were at least three other craft fairs going on in the same town on that same day.  Weird. 

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