Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

We were mostly zombies last night with a cute little skeleton thrown in to the mix.  Total cost of costumes and makeup was $1.99 as both older kids were zombies and picked out old clothes to bloody and rip up.  The toddler's glow in the dark skeleton pjs were a Gymboree thrift store score for $1.99.  Makeup was flour, toilet paper and school glue with cocoa powder, acrylic paint, red food coloring, and corn syrup - all on hand.

So, last night, my husband's ex wife shows up on our street trick-or-treating.  The kicker is....she doesn't have any kids nor does she live in our town.   There were two or three couples of parents with their kids trick-or-treating as a group and there she was in the middle of them.  Weird....

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