Monday, December 24, 2012

Gutermann Thread is AWESOME!!!

I love to use a wooly nylon thread in the loopers of my serger.  Lately, my local Joann's only carries Gutermann's bulky nylon, so I made to the switch to it.  It is so much easier to thread in the loopers than the YLI wooly nylon because I don't have to twist it; it just fits right through.  So I switch to using Gutermann's exclusively because it is so nice. 

Then, a couple of the spools of the Gutermann's bulky nylon starting doing something weird.  About halfway through the spool, when a fair amount of the plastic at the top of the spool was exposed, it would catch on the top of the spool.  If I didn't notice it and undo it with my fingers, it would pull the thread tight in the serger, then break the thread and my serging was HORRIBLE!  And, it would do this literally over and over again.  I finally would have to chunk the spool with half the thread still on it.

This thread was rather expensive, like close to $5 a spool, I think.  So, after the second spool did this to me, I emailed the company and explained the situation and asked if there was a way I could make the spool stop doing that -- because I had tried everything.  I even filed it with a nail file to smooth the plastic in case something was sticking up in it.

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The very next morning a nice lady at Gutermann emailed me, and asked me to send them my spool of thread that was messing up so they could figure out what the problem was.  Then, she said she would compensate me with a replacement thread plus some extra for the inconvenience.  Yesterday, I got my package.  Not only did it have a replacement spool, they also sent along an additional entire box of the same bulky nylon.  I couldn't believe it!  Isn't that a nice thing to do?

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