Sunday, March 24, 2013

Butterfly Wings

I'm working on new items for my Etsy store.  I'm concentrating on children's dress up and pretend play items.  My children have always loved dress up, and it's so much fun to make.  

This newest creation is a set of butterfly wings.  I've seen lots of them in my love of Waldorf toys, but they are always made of silk and very expensive.  I found this great batik in my fabric stash the other day, and  it told me to turn it into a pair of butterfly wings for little Miss M. 

 photo 268b92d6-3236-41f7-a252-2116ed5e9877_zpsc309a0a8.jpg

 photo 34bb00d3-c196-4eac-8b8e-d36cd5b2bb39_zps82298274.jpg

 photo ea33fd54-dbba-40a6-bb2c-01d5866177d8_zps9e9774fe.jpg

Halfway through the process, I got the bright idea to take pictures, so I only have half a tutorial of pictures ready.  I'm currently a little busy with some Etsy orders, so as soon as I sew through those, I'm going to whip up a few sets of butterfly wings for the store and will make a tutorial.

I did get one action shot, but I wasn't running with her, so it's far away.  Next time we're using the sports action shot app so I can get lots of action shots together.

 photo 92786df6-18d4-4749-a52a-c4d866a515d8_zpsa3deff34.jpg

We were a bit cold taking these pictures, lol.  But, I have a feeling these will be great in the spring and summer to fly through the air as a butterfly.

We also had to take time and pick the lovely dandelions in the yard.
 photo dca48edf-c66d-4c5a-b4d5-6684d7da6344_zps39acb652.jpg

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