Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And one more thing, I just wanted to share....

I made this dress for a contest at a sewing expo, I didn't win, they were looking for the heirloom smocking kinda stuff, but it was fun making it. I had never made such a giganto dress before, and it's hugely poofy though it doesn't look like it in the pictures -- I couldn't find a good standing up picture, but it sticks out about 4-5 inches off her waist in all directions, lol. It has four layers of skirts. I designed it mostly from scratch, I did use the back of a basic bodice off of a dress pattern, but everything else is originally designed by me. I used one of my favorite Painting Red Rhinos fabrics, the mermaid print. Some guy up in PA has a warehouse that used to sell the PRR overruns of fabric and it was a huge deal to get the leftovers from previous seasons.

Anyway, all the prints come in a white background and are dyeable, so I dyed the mermaid twill and it's coordinate shell print in a gorgeous lilac color. I love how it came out and I paired with this beautiful glittery sparkle green print and a touch of pink trim.

The bodice is rouched and features little pink rosettes along the edges. The overlay skirt is gathered on the sides a little with drawstrings. Then there is a layer of green sparkle skirt with a ruffle and pink trim, then a 6 layer tulle skirt followed by a lining. The bodice is also lined and closes with a zipper in the back. I'm not quite sure when she'll wear it, Easter maybe? lol, but I love it and so does she.

Oh, did you notice she cut her hair? Yes I talked her into it, her hair had a lot of split ends and was perpetually tanlged all the time, clear up to her scalp, and she is such a tenderheaded thing. So I talked her into donating 11 inches of hair to Locks of Love.

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