Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fun with YouTube

Dontcha just love YouTube? I like to surf the videos over there. Some of my faves are:

Chad Vader Day Shift Manager - this one has ongoing episodes. He is the lesser known little brother of Darth Vader.

The Life & Death of a Pumpkin - Very Halloweenie - done by the same guys who do Chad Vader.

And the videos I get my giggles from, are these strange Japanese workout videos that teach English as well as have you do very strange workouts/dances:

I Got Rubbed by Tuna Men - towards the end of the video, they teach you to say "I got robbed by two men," but it sounds like I got rubbed by Tuna Men. I don't quite understand why the second robber looks like a retardo with his doo-rag ass backwards. Gotta love that music...."I got rubbed by twooooo men" "I got rubbed by twooooo men".


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