Sunday, September 24, 2006

Turning 30, Barnyard the movie, and John Mayer's new album Continuum

Until I get my rear in gear on the sewing machine to show off my newest stuff, you'll have to be tortured by my weird posts for the time being.

I can't believe I'm turning 30 tomorrow. My husband is in Europe for another few weeks, so my parents took me and the kids to the Olive Garden on Saturday. Woohoo! And then I got the token birthday sing-a-long, which scared my poor 2 yr old under the table. I'm willing to take bets on if the husband even remembers my birthday and bothers to call.

I can't believe I'm turning 30, wasn't I just 16 last week? I still feel like the 16 yr old, does everybody feel like that? I wonder when I'm 80, if I'm still going to feel like the 16 yr old girl.

I bought myself a birthday present this weekend, since that's the only way I get them these days. I was checking out my current addiction,iTunes, and stumbled on John Mayer's new CD Continuum, it sounded really good, so I bought it. But the freaky thing is this song "Stop this Train". The words could have come from my own head. Some other goods one I like are "Vultures," "I Don't Trust Myself," and "Belief". And in conclusion of my review, I think this would be a great album to screw to, if I had anybody to screw.

My 7 yr old has been dying to see this movie, Barynard, The Original Party Animals. So we went the other day and left the 2 yr old with grandma because chasing him in a stadium seating movie theater in the dark is the right way to turn into a paraplegic.

We're watching the movie and I noticed something, maybe it's my expertise of cows from living in Texas, lol, as you know we Texans are experts in most farm animals, bullridin' and ropin'. Now there are cows, steers and bulls. Cows are the girl "cows" with udders -- aka "boobies" -- for the baby cows. Steers used to be bulls, but are now "fixed" to live amongst the cows as eunuchs. And then we have bulls, who still have their "parts" who sometimes live with the rest of the cows, unless they are really big assholes or like to do too much baby makin' and then are forced to live alone.

Now if you were paying close attention, you'll notice something, only the girl cows have udders! So why is it that Otis, the main character and all the boy cows have udders in this movie?

Other than that, it's a cute movie, really funny, though there is a scary scene for kidlets, when Otis's dad dies and a scene later in the movie where it looks like the same thing will happen to Otis.

And...if you go to the Barnyard website, there is a game called "Boy Tipping". It has a few levels, and is rather addicting. As a girl almost 30 yrs old (don't remind me) with two children, you do not want to know how many hours I've sat playing that game.

I'm being poked by a giant black labrador, so I must go as she just at her breakfast, and yes it's 4:30 pm, lol, so she is demanding I let her go eat the birds moving in on her territory in her yard. Ain't she a cutie? She's my tough dog, well she "thinks" she's tough anyway.

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