Thursday, September 06, 2007

Busy as a bee and....working on some new stuff

I've been ditching my blog the last week. My work has been busy, busy. Apparently when school starts everybody under the sun wants an x-ray or a CT scan, lol.

I have some projects on the back burner. I've been ditching my school too since my work has kept me up late at night and I have had to catch up. If you don't turn something in once a month, you get on academic probation and I'm under the gun this week to turn in my test to avoid that. So....after I turn it in, I'll be working on a couple of halloween tutorials, finish the Pumpkin Spiders pattern for halloweenie overalls, and finally finish that darn nursing tutorial. My sewing machine was in storage while our house was for sale (so I can avoid the temptation, lol) and I haven't had a moment to go get it yet.

On the preschool homefront, Mr. E absolutely positively LOVES school now. He kisses mommy goodbye and runs off to play, and he's fine as long as he has this little Mommy Kiss card. No tears this week at all!! I'm so excited. He's been staying all day since last week and he even sleeps at naptime. He has two best friends and he lovest to eat lunch at school. He tells me every day he LOVES school and he loves his teacher, so I'm thinking about switching from 2 days to 3 days for him. I'm so proud of him, my sweet little boy is growing up.

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