Tuesday, September 25, 2007

really bad week....really bad

So I've been in a bad mood the last week or so. It's why I've been avoiding this place. But I thought what the heck, let's have a bitchfest. Today was just icing on the cake, as it's my birthday and who gives a flying f*ck? Uh that would be NO ONE. So my mother is the only person who remembers my birthday...good thing, since it was a fun-filled day for her way back in 1976.

It's 10 pm and I'm still waiting for the "Surprise, here's your present!" from the big a-hole watching TV in the next room. I just don't think it's going to happen.

So moving onto the next topic....We are trying to refinance for a much lower rate (long story again because of the a-hole in the next room...). And earlier today we hear from apparently the laziest appraiser they could find. You see our house was for sale a few months ago and because of that, he just doesn't think he can appraise my house for more than what we had it selling for. Now, we live in a po dunk place where there are about 5 houses on my particular street for sale and....they are buidling about 10 new housing developments right next to our neighborhood, so we had to keep lowering in hopes someone would buy, but alas I'm still stuck here in hell. What the hell does what I can sell my house for have to do with a refinance appraisal? Like who doesn't inflate those anyway for refinances? Idiot.

Oh and the refinance is great. We specifically asked the "loan specialist" if a closing in November would be okay. He says fine and wants to know if we want to lock in our rate. It's $400 to do this, but it locks in the rate and that $400 is just lopped off the closing costs. So...sure, why not you say? We paid $400. I get the paper work to sign today and the locked in rate is only good through October 22. Um hello? We just had this conversation about NOVEMBER closing? Ring a bell? Now he's claiming he doesn't recall that conversation. Hmmm.....and now suddenly he's not returning our calls or answering his phone. Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears yet? Why in the hell would I want to lock in a rate for 30 days to end in October and set the closing for November? Why the hell didn't I just go to the ATM and pull $400 bucks out and just throw it in a trash can? Geez, I don't either.

Then last week I was rear ended by a teenager on the way to taking my kids to school. He hit us so hard, the tire pressure went down 10 psi. I felt bad for the kid, he apparently just got his license and a brand new insurance policy. So after getting the run around from his insurance company (big company...starts with a P(, they kept changing my appointment time to take the car to get it fixed. Literally, less than an hour after I talk to one person, another one calls and changes the appointment THEY set up. Hello??

So...finally today a week later, we get to have our car repaired and they conveniently forgot to order the rental car, so it was delivered to my husband's work. How lovely for him to get a nice little Ford Mustang on MY BIRTHDAY.

Then I had the fun filled adventure of taking my 3 yr old all around town, apparently someone slipped him some crazy pills or something because he literally was bouncing off walls. Everywhere we went, he acted as if I had just let him out of a cage for the first time to see the world. I'm sure people think I have no parenting skills.

Well I guess that's the gist of this fun filled week. So that concludes bitchfest '07. Let's do this again in 2008, it will be so much fun.

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Jill said...

I want to be there in person and give you a big hug, so a virtual one will have to do... No sappy cliches about how it can only improve from here or anything. You've been through the ringer enough - you deserve a long bath, uninterrupted by little people!

((((((((( HUG ))))))))