Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So I'm thinking of having a online Garage Sale

I have TONS of fabric and I mean TONS. It's almost embarassing -- almost, lol. You would not believe how much of our storage unit is taken up with fabric. So...I'm thinking of having a little garage sale here on my blog with fabric and sewing stuff and stuff I've sewn -- which would be clothing from my kids, some samples for boutique eBay auctions, some big 3 sewing patterns, etc. Also, if you are interested in little girl dance costumes, I have a rack full of Miss Em's previous years of costumes that I'm going to add to my little garage sale.

I am backlogged on my school work which is due in 1 week...mainly due to my school only computer's motherboard dying (fyi, an extended warranty on a computer is a good thing or never buy a refurbished HP computer), so I'm going to finish that stuff this weekend, then I'm going to pull out fabric, etc. for the garage sale. I'll post a big announcement of the time and day it will start. It will be a Paypal only garage sale.

I need to do this because I've moved my crafting area to take up my vanity area and all my fabric/crafting needs to fit into one closet and not scattered throughout the house, lol.


YoMJ said...

Love your addition to fabric. I am a "Fabriholic!" I want to support your garage sale. Hey does that make me an enabler?

I homeschooled all four of our kids after much rumminating. It was the hardest fun I ever had.


Blogberry MOM said...

Garage Sale Online? That is a good idea. So are you goin' to have your own domain for your garage sale? I hope you succeed...