Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tribal Council has spoken...we're gonna homeschool!!

I've been throwing the idea of homeschooling around since Miss Em was a toddler, but someone always talks me out of it, but next year's tuition prices came out for their school, and it gave me the final push to decide to homeschool.

I think Miss Em will be happier, as there are definite girl issues in her class. Since it is a small school, there are only a handful of girls in her class, and frequently a couple of them are telling her she can't play with the group. It breaks me heart to hear her tell me it's ok because she can still go swing on the swings by herself. And forget about telling the teacher, that woman is a twit.

What the hell is wrong with girls? I was treated this same way and I had hoped she could have avoided it. When I was in elementary school, the litte girls who wore the Guess jeans (and matching Guess overalls) and carried little Liz Claiborne purses to elementary school loved to put signs on my back that said something about hitting me. It's like there is a breed of little fashionistas who apparently are lacking the empathy gene to be nice and there is a nice fresh batch in every generation. I just don't get it. You know, it was because of those type of girls that I made damn sure my children had empathy for others from an early age and to always put themselves in someone else's shoes. Sheesh I could on and on about jerky little girls.

I digress...ok so back to homeschooling. I'm going to homeschool both of them. Em will be doing 4th/5th grade work and Mr E, will be doing prek-K work. I'm still looking at if I'm going to do a whole complete curriculum or piece together. I'm leaning toward piecing together, I found a place that does it for you. They ask questions about what you want and how ahead your child is and then pull a bunch of stuff together for you to pick and choose and it's only about $400 including all that time with them helping you.

I've also found 3 different local homeschool groups I'm looking at -- which it is veddy, veddy hard to find completely nonreligious homeschool groups in TX. And we're going to do co-op classes with whichever group we decide is the best fit, and then we'll also do a homeschool PE class and swimming lessons and homeschool art lessons -- Em wants more art time than she has now in school, and I'm hoping I can find a class in Spanish since Em's had spanish lessons since she was 3 as well as one for Mr E.

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Anonymous said...

Well good for you! I'm a new reader of your blog. I wished I could homeschool my first dd but I couldn't and still can't (gotta earn that $$ honey). In 2nd grade I switched her to a charter school where the kids wear uniforms. You won't believe what a difference it's made! My Sister homeschools my 6yo niece and 3yo nephew. And does all the stuff you're describing with the homeschool group plus extracurricular activities: swimming, dance; and sports. She is doing dual language in Spanish so she gets that as well. I also have another dear friend who will be homeschooling her 6th grader for the same reason (petty girls) that cause the child to thing she's dumb and doesn't fit in. Good luck!