Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pink I come!! my profile it says I dream of having hot pink hair. I guess I'm what you would call a natural "pinkhead" lol. I finally am going to do it. My children go to an uppity private school and I keep worrying to much about what people think, and you know what?? Who freakin' cares? You only live once and why not do what makes you happy? So, I have an appointment with my hairstylist for hot pink highlights. I told her I'm going to start out slow to not scare everyone around me, lol. First, it will be highlights and gradually I'll move to a complete head of cotton candy pink hair. I'm so excited!!

My husband is obsessed with Kohl's and their big clearance sales. I swear if we lived closer to one, he'd be there everday. But right now they are having an 80% off clearance sale with racks of clothes. I found a dress in this same style for $5.40. It was originally $60.00. Can you believe it?? It is reveresed though, the print is the main part of the dress and the black solid is at the hem and the waist and neckline. It's a nice slinky poly fabric that feels really cool. And Miss Em found a pair of gaucho pants that were originally part of set of something, and since it was just the pants, they were only $1.25. So check out your nearest Kohl's for some amazing clearance prices.


Liz said...

Yay!! Post pictures, of course!

Silly hair is completely addictive. It also serves as a useful filter to keep people away who you wouldn't want to know.

minnie said...

'tis true. let's see some pics!