Friday, May 09, 2008

Crappity Crap Tax Stimulus Rebates

Apparently, in order to get a direct deposit stimulus rebate, you must balance on the head of an circus elephant wearing a tutu (the elephant not you), while you do high kicks while holding a top hat, as it prances around the room. Now remember if filing jointly, you and your husband and if you have children -- ALL of you must do this on the same elephant at the same time. Otherwise, you're getting a paper check. Yep, I just read it over in the "am I getting a stimulus rebate" at the IRS. It's a new rule they just added.

Sheesh, it is amazing the US government can even function. So I went to TurboTax after checking the bank only to learn on TurboTax that if you had your tax refund direct deposited --- BUT it was split into more than 1 get the freakin' check this summer. That's what I get for putting most of it into savings.

Not that I was depending on it because I had an odd suspicion that the government would f*ck something up. I was planning to use it for homeschooling books and supplies, so this summer is ok too, but I would really like to just give the government a big kick in the butt for their complete ineptness. According to the SS#'s we get ours on June 20 -- though I'm not holding my breath.

If you filed with TurboTax and would like to view their long list of questions to see if yours is screwed - here is the link

On a great note though - I just got off the phone with Lowe's and my carpet is IN! Yay!! That's almost 2 weeks early, so next week I get some lovely plushy carpet installed. All thanks to my wonderful mother. Oh boy, I think I need to get an awesome mother's day present for her. Hmmm....

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