Thursday, May 08, 2008

A nursing apron top coming soon and all you ever wanted to know about nipples

So I've had a sudden ton of requests for the nursing version of an apron top. I'll create the tutorial this weekend and have it ready next week. It's very easy to make in an afternoon.

This is the same style of apron top that is backless just to warn you. I personally have been blessed with boobage that requires wearing an over the shoulder boulder holder at all waking hours but those of you who can get away with backless, braless this is a fun quick little top -- and I am envious of you. I never dreamed a day would come I would want a smaller chest, but breastfeeding makes you want weird things -- like little boobs yet with giant nipples for instance, for easy latch on.

It wasn't til I had nursing problems with my first baby that I learned I had flat nipples which meant she was essentially trying to latch onto a wet balloon. Not fun for either one of us - we both cried. Thankfully her successful years of nursing lead to me getting regular ol' nipples and not a single nursing problem with baby #2. Nursing babies can cure flat nipples because they are flat from adhesions under the nipple holding it flat, once the nursing baby sucks frequently, it breaks those adhesions so it becomes a normal nipple. (yeah I know TMI...but to educate the masses on flat nipples and breastfeeding is my mission in life). back to the nursing apron top....You'll need 2 1/2 yds of fabric or 1 yd for lining and piece the top from scraps, and 2 buttons or snaps. I prefer snaps, but I have a heavy duty industrial snap press from my cloth diaper biz days still in my garage on my hubby's workbench. If you have a serger that will make it go faster, but just a sewing machine is fine too.

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anxiously awaiting the tuturial!!!!