Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Do you ever have a day where you think - can it get any worse?

Well yes my dear friends, the sh!t can hit the fan so forcibly it will end up in places you never imagined.  Once upon a time, your husband was previously married and in that marriage they bought a house.  Now fast forward to the present, and you are happily married with three wonderful children living in a great neighborhood and your kids love where they live and their friends and their schools and your husband only works 15 minutes down the road, and it's all finally good.  Then suddenly, you get collections agencies mailing the ex-wife bills to your address, and she's never lived there, ever.  Oh dear....

Surprise! You get a notice in the mail that she's filing bankruptcy.  Your husband calls her to see what is going on.  Now why didn't she feel the need to share this with you since she has been unable to refinance the house and his name is still on the mortgage? Oh that's right, because according to her (in between her screaming tirade), it's none of your business because it has nothing to do with you because she's exempting the house in the bankruptcy.  You talk to an attorney and he calms your fears and you think everything is okay. 

Fast forward two months later.  Here is where it gets super fun!  You get an amended bankruptcy notice from her and now, exactly 11 days before the exact date she has to have your husband's name off the mortgage, she's decided to surrender the house to the mortgage company. Holy mother of god...WTF? It just seems way too convenient, if you know what i mean.   

And now after our very long meeting today with an attorney who specializes in divorce and bankruptcy....our only option to save hubby's job (as allowing the house into foreclosure and filing bankruptcy ourselves will destroy his career in finance) is to move to the house and take over the payments pronto. 

But wait, there's more!  Not only do we have to figure out how to get out of a 2 year lease right this second and move, we also just called the mortgage company tonight and unlike the story we were told by the ex-wife who said the mortgage was current, it's going to take about 2 months of mortgage payments on top of next month's payment for us to get it current. 

Now the moral of the story is...don't ever buy a house with a spouse that you could ever possibly have any inkling for the potential to divorce.  Chalk this up as another reason homeownership is not what it's cracked up to be.  Geez, what a headache. 

My sweet and wonderful 11 year old tween wanted to know why both of us were picking her up from school today, so I tried to prepare her as best I could.  It didn't work too well because she just went to her room and cried.  If there was anyway I could fix this horrible situation for my incredibly shy little girl so she would not have to start all over again in the 7th grade in a completely new town at a completely new school, I would.  I feel incredible guilt.  I think we're going to make a trip to Build-A-Bear tomorrow night for some retail therapy.

Now I try to be a glass half-ful kinda girl, so I'm trying to think of the positives of this situation.  We did want to be able to finally buy a house again, so I sort of got my wish.  And, it is a four bedroom house so each kid has their own bedroom.  And it has two living areas - one for the family and one for sewing and crafting - yay!. 

Hubby keeps reminding me that in a couple of years we'll look back at this and laugh.  I've just felt numb all day, past the point of even crying.  He's been trying so hard to be silly and giving me giggle fits all day since our meeting with the attorney to take my mind off it.  Sigh...gosh, I love that man, and I don't know what I'd do without him. 

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LeafandInk.com said...

I just read this post & I am so sorry you are all experiencing this right now in your lives. Perhaps one day you won't exactly look back on this & laugh but you will heal. And I will be saying prayers that it ALL is a blessing in the end. Here's to new days to come :-)
Blessings, Lisa