Saturday, April 09, 2011

So who's ready for Part 3? We got the keys - er...not quite

Well, we got "a" key tonight.  The ex calls my husband this evening because last night he finally demanded the keys by Saturday. (I thought I was gonna have to shove a backbone in him, but he suddenly found his last night.)  She agrees to meet him to give him "the keys" tonight.  He arrives and she can only give him 1 key and 1 garage door opener.  She says she'll have to get the other ones later.  [Insert eye roll here] 

When you agree to give someone the "keys," that is plural -- meaning more than one.  I assume her loser of a boyfriend (cough, who she cheated with, cough) has them.  I don't know if this is her power play to maintain some type of control or ownership of the house in this situation, but that is not happening, not with my children in that home.  But it doesn't really matter as that will all be remedied tomorrow.

But that is not even the best part.  The best part is...she took the freaking stove with her!  Yes...the entire range!  Can you believe it? The house is just now 4 years old and amazingly since June of 2009 both the fridge and the stove quit working and she had to buy  news ones, so she's taking both of them with her.

The fridge I assumed she would take, but the f*ing stove?  Come on, lady!  I mean, she's living in her mother's living room.  Where is she going to put the stove?  I told hubby to ask her if she wanted to sell it. Well, before that, he asked what broke on the stove -- she couldn't tell him nor could she remember when it was replaced.  So she filed bankruptcy, I'm thinking she's hurting for money and would sell it to us.  Nope, didn't want to sell it either.  I'm thinking the stove never broke and she just wanted to give my hubby another kick in the ass.

At that point, he asked if she took the dishwasher and built in microwave too.  She actually chuckled and said of course they were still there, like he was crazy for asking.  Geez lady, who takes a stove out of the house -- it's not like if you rent a place it won't have one.

So after she told us she took the stove, we were imagining the worst like the entire house was stripped of everything.  I was terrified of entering the house to see what we were dealing with when we got there tonight.  But we arrived tonight, all 3 kids in tow, was not as bad as I was afraid of.  Don't get me wrong, it's bad.  The carpet is absolutely disgusting.  I refused to put my baby on the floor tonight it was so gross.  She basically allowed whatever animals were living there to piss wherever they saw fit.  You walk in the house and the smell of urine just hits you right in the face.  One place they particularly loved to piss was right in front of the study's doors. 

My wonderful father is bringing his carpet cleaner and cleaning the carpets for me tomorrow night.  Thank heavens for my mom and dad.  They're coming all this weekend to help us clean it up.  Unless we go terribly into debt for this and I have to use next year's tax return to pay off the credit cards, I'm hiring someone to tile the living room and hallways.  I think that will get rid of any residual disgusting piss.  Our rental home is like that right now, with only carpet in the bedrooms, the rest of the house is completely ceramic tile and I love it and so do my allergies.

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