Thursday, April 07, 2011

Part 2 in the "free house" deal

So...we are jokingly referring to this nightmare as our "free house."  While yes, technically it's not free since we got that damn mortgage to catch up, but we don't have to pay closing costs or earnest money or hirer an inspector.  Yes I know it sounds completely idiotic, but hey, it's my way of dealing with this crap and not crying. 

Back to the story -- our attorney made it sound so easy in our meeting earlier this week.  The bankruptcy trustee isn't going to want the house because it has no equity.  The ex and bankruptcy attorney should just easily want to sign the papers so we can all get on with life.  Um, no, it's not that easy.  Just when I'm thinking this situation cannot turn into a bigger headache...well yes it can.

We finally get an email from our attorney today.  He uses the word "adamant" in the refusal of the bankruptcy attorney to have her sign the deed over to us.  So he says the only alternative is gonna cost a lot of money to take her back to divorce court after the bankruptcy crap is over.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  Well, the best thing about that idea is that the mortgage company is going to start demanding their mortgage payment the second her bankruptcy is over, so my dear husband's credit is gonna get screwed over if we do it that way.  

So hubby sucks it up and decides calling her and asking ourselves is a lot better than paying an attorney to just anger her and her attorney.  Apparently, she was under the impression that the date in the divorce decree to have his name off the mortgage and refinance it signified to her that he would just kick her out of the house if that didn't happen and take it for himself.  How would you even come to that conclusion? 

After talking to her, it was realized that her bleeping bankruptcy lawyer never even asked her if she would sign the deed over to us.  He apparently decided that answer all for himself. Don't you want an attorney who makes decisions for you?  I certainly don't.

Anyway, hubby asked her if she wanted to get this over with as quick as possible and be done with it, and she agreed, so she decided for herself to sign the house over to us. So cross your fingers and hold your mouth just right that this part of this crap deal goes smoothly. 

Now tomorrow night I need all the people in the world to send my landlord positive thoughts that she will not hate us for having to break our lease and be nice and understanding and let us off the hook so this nightmare can end somewhat happily. I cannot wait to get over the landlord issue, it's just making me sick to my stomach. 

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Melinda said...

I can totally top that! But to each person each situation is different as well on how it handled.

My STBX let the house payments go for over a year on purpose, we filed bankruptcy, he reaffirmed on the house. The company seized it. My credit is shot!

I left our home for domestic abuse reasons. My story continues to be crazy, I can't find an atty to help me divorce him because of his mental issues. (He has chased away his own atty's!). He tried to hire someone to kill me and for over 2 years he has been stalking me. Sadly he has custody of our 15 yr old son~ he turned my son against me and he wants me dead as well... I have protective orders buy it does no help, he has violated them time after time... Sorry to seem rude it is not my intention. I would gladly change situations with you... I will keep you in my prayers. God doesn't give us more then we can handle.