Monday, April 18, 2011

June Cleaver I am not

Dear god, my landlord is coming over today to see "what needs to be fixed to rent the house."  Hubby and I are puzzled over this.  Does she think we're hoarders or something?  And she couldn't fix things before we moved in?  I think it took me about half a dozen phone calls to get them to fix the rotted mailbox post when we first moved in.  The mailman said we weren't getting any more mail until it was fixed because it was going to fall on his truck. 

So she's showing up any minute and I've cleaned like a mad woman on Friday and Saturday, so it all looks perfect.  The first people coming to check out the rent house is tonight.  Cross your fingers they take it, cuz we need someone to replace us so we can stop worrying.  

Anyway, we spent all weekend working on the new house.  Hubby and I are experts at replacing screens that have been ripped up by huge dogs.  And....I redid the back door weatherstripping all by myself - woohoo!  And then my dear husband taught me how to use the carpet cleaner my parents gave us. 

I think he had ulterior motives because I've been the sole carpet cleaner since Friday night now, lol.  However, it has been an ongoing battle to get the dog pee stink out of the carpets, and I think I finally have a lead on the battle.  When you walk in the house, the stench of urine no longer hits you in the face and that's from an unbiased source, lol.  Now...if you want to smell the pee, you must stick your nose directly in the carpet.  I was worried the smell was never going to disappear, but it looks like we can make it til next year's tax return or a bonus for hubby before we replace the hallway carpets with ceramic tile. 

And best of all?  We went stove shopping and I got one on Saturday.  My mother-in-law met us for margaritas and then we headed to Lowe's.  It's all electric (blech!) so we knew we wanted a flat top range.  But I was set for the cheapie ones until I found a black Maytag on clearance (the rest of the appliances are black).  It had a textured top so it hides messes better, and it has a hidden heating element in the stove which we could only find in the more expensive models.  We got a $600 stove for less than $500 and they  had one last one in the box so no floor model for me.  I'm having it installed tomorrow. 

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