Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sassy Skirts

A local quilt store is having a "Sassy Skirt" contest. They have a little Inspirations Club once a month -- for $5, you get basically an hour long commerical to see all the new products and fabric and then get a discount at the end to shop, plus sometimes they throw in a freebie pattern. And they have a raffle drawing for a prize from the new stuff.

So with the contest, if you win, you get your choice of 40% off a Bernina or 40% off fabric purchases for a month. Woohoo!! Anyway, I'm entering. You get extra points if you use this book, but I make these twirlie skirts all the time, so I'm going to make one for my dd, and her skirt will be a bit funky with some tulle and lots of ruffles and maybe some glitz with some hot fix rhinestones. I picked up the fabric last night and plan to get started this weekend.

Speaking of contests, I'm debating on doing something for the county fair. It's due May 29th to turn in, but the fair is not til June 8th. I've never entered before, and it looks like fun. Plus, there's never much sewing stuff entered anyway. My mom used to have me enter the kids stuff for baking at the local fair where we lived, I won once for a cake. They have a kids contest here too, I think my dd would just love it. I'm going to ask her if she wants to sew something. She is a wonderful sewer. She's made headbands for all the girls in her class and she's made herself her own skirts.

Oh and I went to Hancock's yesterday and dug through their flat fold knit table. I just love that table, you never know what you are going to find. I found these two cotton knits. The retro 50s one I just love, the little thought bubbles say "Jeepers!" Too cute! And the white floraly one is adorable, it looks very kid's boutique-y. And the cool thing is, it's dyeable. The print is on top of the fabric, like PRR fabric used to be, so you can dye the background. I'm not sure what to dye it yet, green, peachy, or maybe lavender. I need to test some swatches first.

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