Monday, May 21, 2007

Spark People

So I keep seeing everyone talk about "Spark People" so I went to the website ( and it's a free place for a place to keep track of eating and exercising and losing weight and they have "groups" you can join and message boards. So I signed up. I am tired of sitting around telling myself one of these days I'm gonna lose weight and get back to my former athletic ways and the way I looked before kids. Well dammit, I'm doing it now. I'm tired of hideous big fat swimsuits. Cheer me on!

I've had Yoga Booty Ballet sitting in my closet still new in the package since February. February!?! Geez, am I a loser or what? So here is my To Do list for the next month.

#1 Jump start my ass into a lifestyle change.

#2 Start going to the Y (for which I've had a membership since January) and workout.

#3 Wean and potty train my 3 yr old, who is admantly against both.

#4 Get back into the swing of school work, I am doing a distance program and have majorly slacked off.

and most importantly...

#5 SOMEBODY BUY MY FREAKIN' HOUSE!!! make this somewhat sewing related, I found this cute little top on a website. You can buy the pattern I think, but since it basically looks like a tube with some shirring in the back and me being the cheapie that I am, have decided to just try to create something similar without a pattern, I hate other people's patterns anyway, lol. I'll post pictures in the next couple days.

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