Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FYI - Dollar Tree and cheap t-shirts and homeschooling

So if you got a Dollar Tree, I highly suggest going. Today mine had some really nice t-shirts for $1, like Hane's Just My Size and some nice Beefy Ts with several different styles from sleeveless to regular t's to even long sleeve. I got some cute pink ones for $1/ea. And if you live near Rockwall, TX, the manager told me he was putting out 5 more boxes full of t-shirts tomorrow. All sizes, all kinds. I grabbed a few for me and the kids to applique. I also picked up some onesies for my niece who is turning 1 yrs old. I'm going to applique something adorable for her and hopefully I can remember to take pictures and sew and show.

And I finally chose my curriculum for each child. I was originally wanting to do a packaged curriculum, but I didn't like the constrictiveness of it, so I created my own, lol. I'm such a control freak (that's my big secret, lol).

Anyway, so here is what we are going to do for the school year:

Ms Em will be a 4/5th grader -

Spelling - - this one is $38.88/yr for 1 child for 12 months

Math - Teaching Textbooks - - this starts in 5th grade math, I think they are starting a 4th grade soon though, but Ms Em passed the entrance exam to take 5th grade math. This one goes all the way up to precalculus.

Handwriting without Tears -

Wordly Wise - vocabulary workbooks (unless I like the new vocabulary website that the spellingtime people are launching this summer called -

Grammer - Easy Grammer - workbooks for grammer/english -

Reading - Book Adventures - This is FREE - - you chose your grade level, if you want easy , medium, or hard, and what kind of books interest you and then it gives you a giant list of books. After you have read the book, you come back and they have a quizz to take for your book.

History - Story of the World - - I love this series of books. It's made to read history to your child.

Science - Young Scientist Club - - this can come monthly or bimonthly and kits build upon each other.

Art - - they are moving to a completely online curriculum this summer

Mr E. - He is supposed to be PreK 4, but we are going to do kindergarten

Click n' Read Phonics -

Handwriting Without Tears

Singapore Math - Kindergarten -

Meet the Masters

Young Scientists Club

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